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Department of Transportation (CDL) Medical Examination

You will need to call our office for specific instructions prior to scheduling your CDL examination.

Please download, print and complete the CDL Medical Examination Report Form (form valid through 03/31/2025).

If you are not an active patient of AFH, please complete the New Patient Application as well, indicating at the top right of the application "for CDL."

Please note, effective 5/1/2024, patients will have the option to choose either a ONE DAY or TWO DAY VISIT in order to complete the CDL Medical Examination process.

The ONE VISIT option is certainly the fastest, but is some cases, it can be more expensive. With this option, all aspects of the CDL examination are completed in a single visit, but should the examinee not meet all of the requirements for provider endorsement, restrictions or reassessment may be required, thus potentially delaying approval or generating subsequent visits with additional expenses to be incurred by the patient.

The TWO VISIT option requires two separate appointments with AFH. The first visit is to collect associated preliminary data and screen for any deficiencies or discrepancies that may prohibit the patient's ability to successfully pass a CDL health examination. The second visit is the advanced physical examination, which attests to the patient's medical readiness to operate a commercial vehicle and validation that all previously identified deficiencies or discrepancies (if any) were rectified. Both of these visits can be billed under your health insurance (copayment eligible) as routine or you may opt to utilize our self-pay rates, which may be significantly less expensive than the standard CDL health examination rate. Any identified health concerns or potential barriers to obtaining the provider's endorsement would need to be rectified prior to the second appointment.

It remains the patient's responsibility to understand how his/her health insurance works. Copayments and deductibles remain the financial responsibility of the patient.

NOTE: Patients seeking completion of a CDL examination that is paid for by his/her employer directly to AFH or is employed by a company that is contracted with AFH to complete CDL examinations are required to utilize the ONE VISIT option.

It is not recommended that specialized pre-employment or endorsement examinations, including a CDL physical, take the place of any annual wellness examinations.

Click "download" icon above or click the web link below to access the current CDL Health Examination form

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