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Exercise Science, Public Health, Health Promotion, & Nutritionist Students

Undergraduate and Graduate (non-NP, non-PA) Student Opportunities

We are accepting applications for undergraduate and graduate interns majoring in Exercise Science, Public Health, Health Promotion, or Nutrition.

An intern must be actively engaged in a Bachelor or Master level program and seeking educational credit through an accredited college or university. The intern will work alongside the providers in coordinating individual plans of lifestyle change and reinforce behavior modification efforts to facilitate outcomes that improve the health and well-being of the patient. The intern may also help to coordinate community health screening events and assist with marketing the health promotion services of weight management, diabetes education, smoking cessation planning, etc.

There are no fees for internship experiences at this level. Each student's College or University must first contact the business owner, Dr. Derek McClure, to ensure proper contractual agreements are in place.

Each student must submit a current resume, photo and a cover letter detailing how an experience with our practice will be beneficial to one's academic and professional career.

email: ashefamilyhealthcare@gmail.com

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Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Students

Clinical Experience Opportunities

Effective 6/1/2019, Ashe Family Healthcare will only consider Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant student opportunities under the following parameters:

Initial Communication:

Clinical site coordinators from the student's University or College must initiate communication and inquiry with the practice owner directly not through the student..

Phone communication is the preferred first contact method.

Contractual Agreement and Fees

Commitment to student education and career development requires a great deal of sacrifice on behalf of Ashe Family Healthcare and its providers. Aside from contractual agreements between Ashe Family Healthcare and the student's higher learning facility, each University or College must pay an annual fee prior to the start of each calendar year in order to permit their students to participate in our student program. Fees are pro-rated based based on the anticipated number of student participants from each organization and are non-refundable. Fees are as follows:

< 2 students: $ 5,000.00

3-5 students: $ 9,000.00

6-10 students: $15,000.00

11-15 students:$20,000.00

16-20 students: $30,000.00

Student Requirements

Nurse Practitioner students must have completed at least one advanced clinical rotation as a Nurse Practitioner student prior to their first rotation with Ashe Family Healthcare.

Physician Assistant students are not subject to the prior rotation experience restriction.

All students participating in the program must be interviewed before acceptance into the program. A resume, current photo, and cover letter detailing how a rotation through our practice will be of benefit academically and professionally in their career journey.

Students may complete no more than two rotations with our practice. Variety in clinical experience is highly recommended.

All students must provide their own malpractice insurance and furnish their own basic supplies (lab coat, laptop, stethoscope, and photo identification for display while seeing patients).

Failure to follow through with commitment to appear for a rotation (cancelling/changing) defaults any fees paid by the University or College and said University or College will not be permitted to send students for one year. Should a University or College have more than two students failing to follow through with their commitment to a rotation will permanently inhibit said University or College from sending students.

University or College Administrative Standards

Programs that fail to meet professional standards of communication, demonstrate student support, inadequately prepare students for role development, or exhibit perceived unprofessional actions will be terminated from future working relationships and forfeit any paid fees. Open communication between the preceptors, their organizations, the students, and the administrative and educational leadership within individual programs is a must. Failure to recognize the importance of such lessens the solidity of the profession and will not be supported by Ashe Family Healthcare.

It is understood that both the students and their University or College agrees to the terms and conditions above for all internships linked with clinical practice.

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